Getting more Sleep because your baby gets better Sleep

Making sure your baby gets the most from sleep time is crucial. A Nest bed is a great way of helping your baby sleep safely and with comfort. Keeping the baby content and secure is a great way of allowing you that precious time to catch a nap or schedule some time of peace.


Getting more Sleep because your baby gets better Sleep 1

Babies need their Sleep

Newborn babies require a lot of sleep. It typically takes three months for a child to develop a routine and build habits. It is hugely beneficial to the parents to try to get sleep when possible to keep your energy. Babies wake up regularly to be fed – both night and day. Although not every baby is alike, the requirement for a comfortable sleep is a necessity. Common tips that we hear is to try put your baby down to rest after a feed. Placing the child down while still drowsy typically allows for better asleep as they are aware of their surroundings and feel more comfortable before waking up. It is common for a baby to typically be awake for up to 2 hours between significant rest periods. 

Why a nest bed important for a baby

A nest bed is a plush and cosy atmosphere for a child to rest in. Our nest beds are extremely soft while providing that secure environment. The sides will also block out the noise for babies ensuring peaceful sleep time. Like all our other items, the nest is hand made using the best materials safe for children. The base and the sides of the nest are made from hypoallergenic filling.  The nest beds come in two different sizes: 0-6 months and 3-18 months (This is just a guideline- it depends on the size of the baby). baby nest beds are great to use for tummy time. It’s lovely when your baby is resting next to you. They can provide an easy way to ensure your baby is content, which in turn gives you some much-needed free time.