Teepee Tots feeling proud of such lovely feedback from our customers!


“There fantastic got it when she was 2/3 months she’s nearly 9 months and sleep in it in cot brilliant buy” ❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀 – Serena Freeman.

“My little one loves hers she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it!” 😍😍 – Kelly.

“Yay!! My nest is absolutely amazing and my son loves it 😍 he’s 4 months now and I definitely want to get a bigger size soon. Wouldn’t be without it!” – Shauna.

“My grandson is 5months now & he definitely needs the next size. I Will be ordering one very soon they are so comfy & he loves it!” 😊 – Rachel Alan Stafford.

“Great news. I’ve recommended it to so many. Our #1 best baby buy. 7m old still in his. We moved it into big cot & will last him a long time yet!” – Emma O’Connor.

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